Feed Your Spirit…God’s Call to Create

A couple of years ago Denise and I were talking about our walk with Christ and our love for devotionals. It was then we felt a calling to write together. We are both creative people, read constantly, and love to write. After several manuscripts (see A Deep, Humbling, Wake-Up Call) and my return to the workplace (see Breaking My Chains), things went quiet for a while. Then, one morning while out for a run, God planted a seed in my mind and heart. At the same time, while out for a walk, Denise had the same seed planted. When we talked later that day, the seed took root. We knew immediately it was God calling us to create together again. 

Why a podcast?

Well, Denise and I share a love for listening to stories and interviews in this platform. I have been a guest on a few about education in the past, and we figured it was our way to answer God’s call. Over the next few months, with the assistance and support from friends and family, Feed Your Spirit was taking root and sprouting. One day, during a visit to Denise’s, we spent a couple of hours in a coffee shop (locating inside a local chapel), the podcast had a format, list of potential guests, various platforms, and was added to our website. There were some bumps in the road with editing and the website, but we kept hearing God tell us to keep moving forward, His hand was on this project. After several months, weekly Skype sessions, countless texts, and a lot of learning, Feed Your Spirit is released. 

Our intention with this podcast is to share everyday stories from everyday people about how God has touched their lives. As our introduction to the podcast says, “This is about those moments in life when God’s words gave you peace, strength, or a good old dose of tough love.” 

Visit the Podcast tab and take a listen to our first two episodes. You can also listen and subscribe in iTunes, Google Music Play, iHeartRadio, or Stitcher. We hope you enjoy the podcast (don’t forget to rate and subscribe) and let us know how you connect with our guests, provide feedback, and share with your friends and family. Don’t forget to share it and tag us @2ScriptureSisters on social media. 

Love ~ Jill

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