Growing Strong Roots

While reading a devotional this morning, “Grow: Becoming More Like Jesus” the author talked about how trees are the second most mentioned living thing in the Bible (humans being first), The author went on to compare humans to trees; if we have a strong root system (faith and obedience to God) and a source of water (connections and support) we will grow strong and healthy.

I love this metaphor because it is true. As my roots grow stronger through my time and work spent all for His glory, I realize how the streams that feed me come from one source, God. Whether it is a song, devotional, ministry work, writing, time spent with friends, groups, conversation, or work I know He is feeding my roots so I can weather any storm.

One perfect example of this is our new project, the Feed Your Spirit podcast, released last week. After its release, we heard from some people about how they connected to the message our guest talked about. Their roots were fed through a connection made between a set of headphones. This is one way God is working through us to provide water to help His trees grow strong. Like a tree I know I will bend and sway through storms but with God’s love, I will not break. Love ~ Jill

“They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream.”  Jeremiah 17:8

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