Finding Calm

Over the past couple weeks, we have been getting asked why haven’t we posted on the blog lately? The answer is a simple one, we are embarking on a book study using, “Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in the Chaos” by Max Lucado. The book study came abut because my mother-in-law read the post about my anxiety and how I silently suffered. One day, she stopped over and dropped off a small bag of books for me. There were two devotionals and a copy of “Anxious for Nothing”. A couple weeks later, I was visiting Denise for a couple days and started to read it. Denise commented on how the book was on her To Be Read (TBR) list but she hasn’t picked up a copy yet. Then we talked about having an online book study and answer a couple of the reflection questions for each chapter then post it online. The idea, came into reality when I ordered a copy of the book for Denise, created a give-away on IG, and created the page on the website. With all that being said, we will be taking a couple weeks off from our weekly blog post to post on the Book Study page. We are finishing up Chapter 3 so there is still time for you to grab a copy of the book and join in the conversation on social media or through the comments on the website. We will be posting a new chapter every Sunday and blasting it out on social media. Remember to tag us @2scripturesisters and post your pictures/images/etc. as you read along. Peace and Blessings~Jill

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