Desert Season

There is a theme that I am becoming familiar with, and it’s called “desert season.” Jesus spent 40 days in the desert being tempted by Satan. And with each temptation, he replied, “It is written…” Jesus’ triumph over his adversary is through his father’s promised word. We too, when baptized renounce Satan and his three temptations: the world, the flesh, and the devil and accept Jesus as our Savior.  

Now knowing what it truly means, I look at a desert season as a time when we are just taking one hit after the other. When you are getting ahead in your finances, car trouble hits or a tax bill is more significant than predicted. You are determined to have a productive week at work, chaos breaks out, and you barely keep your head above all the tasks. To-do lists are interrupted. Do you ever feel this way? One hit after the other. It truly feels as if we are under attack. If we look at this week alone, we are in a national state-of-emergency from a global pandemic. Our stamina, our spirit, our hearts, our bodies, our patience, our kindness – it’s all under attack right now – we are in the desert with Satan. 

What do we do? Do we crawl in bed, throw the covers over our heads, and crash into a deep sleep? Do we eat junk food? Do we rely on alcohol? Whatever the vice is, I can assure you, if it’s not turning to God for guidance, relief, or reliance, it’s sinful. We are all full of sinful behaviors during trying times, but with the word, we can change that. 

How? We can model what it looks like to walk with Jesus. We can be patient. We can be kind. We can spread peace, not panic. We can be diligent. We can be a part of the solution. We can choose to unplug from the madness and focus on our time with family. We lay our burdens down for God is with us. He has not left us. He has not forsaken us. He can lead out of this desert season. All we have to do is call on Him and ask. Ask for forgiveness. Ask for guidance. Ask for strength. Ask for Him to find your weaknesses and make you secure. God will not cure all ailments, but he can heal the inadequacies in our souls and strengthen our spirits during our desert season. If we spend time with Him and in His word, we can discern His voice, and believe me; it’s comforting. 

 We’d love to keep this dialogue going. Tell us about your desert season so we can pray for you. 

 PS: I was going to write about the color purple during lent and how the dark color is a representation of the darkness in our soul. However, with the week we all had, I knew to focus on our “desert season.” Besides, God was preparing me all last week to write about being in the desert. We here at 2 Scripture Sisters know that God gives us messages all the time. He keeps putting a word or a theme or an image in your path to make you stop and pay attention to Him. Since our last blog post, I kept hearing about deserts. It was everywhere! Every song. Every talk radio show. Every bible plan I opened. The word “desert” kept showing up. So I stopped. I listened. I prayed. I did not intend to write about our current situation in the nation as a desert season but felt it was necessary. I pray that this blog serves as a reminder to talk with God often, desert season, or not.

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