Take it all…

During this stay-at-home order, I find myself surrendering a lot over to God, but is it enough, is it everything? 

Jill and I recently read Luke 14:33, which led us to talk about how much of ourselves have we truly surrendered to Christ. The verse reads, In the same way, those who do not give up everything you have, you cannot be my disciples (Luke 14:33 NIV).

If I had read this as someone who was exploring Christianity, I could honestly say I would not have felt worthy enough to be a disciple of Christ. Yet, on the other hand, if I were someone who was at rock bottom, this verse could be a saving grace.

On the surface, this single sentence feels extreme. However, if we look beyond this one sentence, Jesus also states in verse 27, And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple. He continues to give examples of the high cost associated with building a tower or a going into battle. It’s not that different – you must give up yourself to be his disciple. 

As I mature in my faith and surrender more and more to Christ, I’m finding that it’s a matter of going that extra mile by giving up any excess to help someone in need. It’s loving someone when they are difficult. It’s forgiveness. It’s acceptance. The one thing this entire verse shows us is how Jesus was upfront with people. He told them what the cost would be to be his disciple. He also tells us the gifts of God’s kingdom. 

I’ll leave you with this final thought: when we accept Christ and renounce Satan, we enter into an agreement that following Jesus is both a gift and a demand. So from time to time, we should be required to sit and reflect with Jesus and ask, have we genuinely given up all of who we once were to walk with Him and to serve Him? Can we give more? It may be hard acknowledging these truths, but it’s part of the process of growing into discipleship. 

Tell us how we can pray for you.

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