We Should Not Do Life On Our Own

We will fall. 

We will end up repeating patterns of destruction. 

Satan will slowly and steadily pull us away from our heavenly father. 

We need Christ. 

We need fellowship. 

In its simplest definition, fellowship is a cooperative association with people who share interests. It also means a member of a society who works together pursuing mutual knowledge or practice. Other words often used for fellowship include companionship, camaraderie, friendship, association, closeness, and togetherness. 

Now that we have a clear understanding of what a fellowship means, I reflect on the fellowship I have with other Christians and how they continue to help me. I am not necessarily talking about just any friends. I am talking about fellows (brothers and sisters) in Christ. The ones who keep me protected in prayer. The ones who save me from destruction. The ones who believe in me. The ones who anchor me from drifting. The ones who show compassion. The ones who cry with me. The ones who lift me. The ones who encourage me. 

You see a pattern here? Without the fellowship of Christ, who will be the one holding out their hand for me?  I can guarantee Satan would hold out his hand for you. He will jump on the opportunity to lead us where we don’t want to go. Thankfully, we have fellowship with our Bible study groups, church, youth groups, and so many other groups. But most importantly, God has us in His hand; therefore, we have a fellowship with Christ. 

Every time our fellowship strengthens us and builds us up, it is done in the name of Jesus and done for the glory of God and eternity. 

In 1 Corinthians 9:24, Paul says, “When I am with those who are weak, I share their weakness, for I want to bring the weak to Christ. Yes, I try to find common ground with everyone, doing everything I can to save some. I do everything to spread the Good News and share in its blessings.” 

We’d love to hear about your fellowships and how they strengthen you. 

As always, let us know how we can pray for you. 

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