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Feed Your Spirit #21 with Caitie Fredrickson

Feed Your Spirit: Join me, your host Jill Dobrowansky as I sit down with friends and share stories of hope and encouragement with a whole lot of Jesus sprinkled in. At Feed Your Spirit, I like to say that we imperfectly perfect people who are uplifting others through grace-filled encouragement. I am so happy you joined me today! With the determination to consciously live in God’s word, I invite you to plug in, prepare your heart, and Feed Your Spirit. 

On today’s episode, I talk with my friend and fellow Called Creative, Caitie Fredrickson. Caitie is a wife, pup-mom to a curious mini dachshund, writer, and fierce Christian. Caitie also lives with bipolar disorder, a chronic, life-long condition. We talk about her walk with God through her struggles to be diagnosed, daily life with a serious mental illness, and how it has been an ‘always…but God’ mindset which gets her through the rough times. I love Caitie’s honesty and her ability to laugh when faced with adversity.

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