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Coming Soon…

Starting in January 2021 FYS is going to be delivering new episodes to your device WEEKLY! I am so excited about the upcoming guests to kick off the new season. Be sure you subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Never miss an episode!  

Beginning in January 2021, I am launching a FREE, year-long devotional plan. We are going to spend the year memorizing 26 Bible verses hand-selected by me. There are also going to be tips, activities for you, videos, and audio content delivered directly to your email inbox each week. Sign up today using the pop-up sing-up form on the website Click here  

There is one more new show starting in 2021! It is a collaboration between Alyssa Delossantos and me, from Called Creatives. More details will be coming during the first week of January…stay tuned, you are going to want to pull up a chair for this one!

If you would like information about how to support all the work I am doing, visit my shop at Feed Your Spirit Shop, or you can now buy me a coffee by clicking the cup of coffee at the bottom of your screen. 

Thank you for all your support 💙

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