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If you have been reading my blog for some time now or know me, you know I love to cook. I refer to my kitchen as ‘my happy place’. I get excited every time I tie on my apron, sharpen my knife, and gather my ingredients. There is something magical about taking a couple of ingredients and turning them into something that nourishes your body. 

Some of my earliest memories are in the kitchen with my gram, mom, aunts, and sisters or at the farm picking fresh fruits and vegetables. I still love to spend the day at that same farm, roaming the fields, cutting the broccoli, digging for potatoes, or picking the most delicious strawberries to bring home to my kitchen. I have been recipe testing a lot over the past two weeks for an upcoming project. Every day I am creating a new dish, taking notes, and typing recipes. The work is not for the faint of heart, the attention to detail when creating a recipe is intense. You have to be very specific about every ingredient, instruction, and tip you put on paper. The other day as I was working on a black bean burger with pineapple salsa recipe, I wondered if I was being this focused and detail-oriented about reading the Bible? 

Let’s face it, some days are easier than others to open our Bible and study God’s word. I know for myself, there are mornings when I start to read but then my mind wanders to what I need to accomplish that day, what am I going to make for dinner, or if it’s too cold outside to go for a run. There are days when I can read the same verse over and over again, without even realizing it. This would never happen if I am cooking, I give it my full attention at all times. 

After contemplating this for a couple of minutes, I should approach my study of God’s word the same way I approach cooking. The past couple of weeks have been consumed with creating, cooking, and writing new recipes. I realized standing there, in my kitchen, I have not been as present as I like to be during my morning Bible Time. 

The next morning, I made sure I had all the equipment and ingredients for my study time. For me, this means having my journal, highlighters, pens, study note cards, a quiet space, a mug of coffee, along with my study Bible and the intention to give this time my full attention. This week, I gave my study the same attention as I do when I cook, and what a difference it made! In the same way, a good meal nourishes our body, this approach nourishes my soul. 

…you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, nourished by the words of the faith and the good teaching that you have followed.” ~ 1 Timothy 4:6

How did you nourish your faith this week?

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