Hope & Encouragement

Walking through the Door

Recently I have been struggling with how God wants me to bring my love of cooking and my faith together. It has been something I have been the focus of my prayers and conversations with my sister, but I didn’t have any answers. 

If you have been following me, you know I am passionate about cooking. I love creating a meal from simple ingredients and sharing it with friends and family. I am not a classically trained chef, but as my nephews would say, I have skills. However, merging my love of cooking and my love of the Bible has been unclear.

Then, about two weeks ago, God opened the door (albeit at 3:14 am). I hesitantly walked through it. It isn’t easy trusting Him. It isn’t easy to believe in myself. It isn’t easy to embrace the hard work. It isn’t easy to show up every…single…day. 

I walked through the door and am finishing up this project while keeping all the other ‘plates in the air’. It is difficult and all-consuming, but I know God has called me to this.

You may be asking “How did you know it was God calling you to do this?” It’s not like He is speaking to us the way He did Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, Jeremiah, Isaiah or Solomon. All I can tell you is you just know when the Holy Spirit is moving you to do something. 

For me, it is the passion and drive to want to see this project come to life. It is immersing myself in research but not getting ‘lost in the weeds’. It is not allowing the enemy of divert my attention or believe the whispers of doubt or fear. It is waking up and thinking about what to include and what to exclude. It is finding just the right photo to bring the words to life. It is being gentle with myself on days when I struggle to find the right spice blend or when my recipe is a total flop. It is messy and hard work, but it is during those moments when I remind myself I am answering a calling placed on my heart from a loving and generous God.

In the upcoming weeks I will be sharing more about how God answered my prayers, but in the meantime, I have to refill my coffee and check on my lemon-blueberry muffins.

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