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Sleep, Creep, or Leap Seasons

Yesterday while out for a morning run on a local trail, I noticed the new life beginning to sprout up from the ground and on the trees. The oak trees all have small buds on the tips of their branches, the rhododendrons are forming their buds which will open to colorful flowers in a couple of weeks, the leaves of daffodils and tulips are emerging from the ground, and the birds have begun making their nests for their eggs. I love the changing of the seasons. Here in New Jersey, we experience distinct changes for each season and there is something special about each one. This made me think of the various seasons we go through in life. If this past year has taught me anything, it’s that no matter the season, God calls us to grow in wisdom and to strengthen our relationship with Him during every season. 

Recently, I was chatting with a group of women all who are in different seasons of motherhood: empty-nesters, teenage years, toddlers, and babies. One of my friends shared how she was struggling with raising babies and toddlers while trying to find the time to write and build her brand. It was beautiful to immediately hear from those of us who are in the later stages of raising children…all reminding her she is doing God’s work by raising her children with Christian values, who love Jesus. I reminded her she is in a season of planting seeds in her children. She is planting the seeds of faith, respect, love, and honesty with each word she speaks and every action her children witness with her and each other. Another friend chimed in reminding her we have to plant the seeds for seasons before we can reap the harvest. 

On episode 2 of Table Talk: A Place to Gather, Guide, & Go, my co-host, Alyssa and I talked about the plant theory. It is when plants are either in the stage of sleep, creep, or leap. Alyssa candidly shared a season she went through in which she experienced each of these stages. I thought of my other friend who is feeling like she is in a stage of sleep with her work, but what she couldn’t see is she might feel like she is sleeping, but it is during this season in which the root systems are being established and some of the first signs of growth are peeking through the ground. Just like the first signs of spring I saw on my run, she will be seeing the signs of growth not only in her but also in her children. 

No matter what season you might be in sleep, creep, or leap, know that God is at work in you and your life. There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

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