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Patience & Biscuits

As a kid there was one special breakfast we used to have a few times a year, my family called them scones but they are more like a drop biscuit. It was a simple recipe of butter, shortening, milk, flour, salt, baking soda, and sugar. The biscuits were flaky, with pillowy pockets inside them. We used to tear them apart and spread butter on them, as I got older, I loved to spread my mom’s homemade strawberry jam on them. Ever since going vegan, this was one recipe that eluded me. It wasn’t because I didn’t try, I just couldn’t get the ingredients right. It wasn’t as easy as a swap for the butter and milk, there was something I was missing and I couldn’t figure it out. That was until this week…I think I may have finally recreated one of my childhood favorite foods. It took time and patience in order to get the biscuits just right. 

I feel like the past year has been one of patience. This time last year, our lives were turned upside down. We had to learn how to balance, work, school, family, child care, and shopping all from our homes. While most of us were ‘forced’ into trying something new, as time went on, we discovered that although it may taken some time and patience, we figured it out and made it work for our families. This wasn’t much different from what I needed to do, have patience until I could find the right combination of ingredients.

Reflecting back on the amount of patience we needed to have over the past year and the patience I needed to finally make my biscuits, I thought of the Book of Ruth. In this book, Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law, lost her husband and two sons while they were living in Moab. Naomi decided to return to her family’s home in Judah, telling her daughters-in-law to return to their family in Moab. But Ruth would not hear of it, she stayed with Naomi even after several attempts to get her to change her mind. 

Once in Judah, Ruth would patiently wait for the field workers to gather grain from the field and follow behind them to glean the grain which had fallen to the ground. While Boaz had told his field workers to leave extra grain for her and to not permit any harm to come to her, Ruth still needed to patiently pick up the grain and place it into her sack. She painstakingly walked through the fields, picking up the fallen grain ensuring she had collected enough not only for herself but also for Naomi. 

Later, Ruth had to patiently wait to approach Boaz on the thrashing floor to essentially ask him to be her guardian-redeemer. Ruth would again need patience while she waited to hear from Boaz about the decision from the family member who had ‘first rights’ to be the redeemer. In the end, her patience (and faithfulness) would result in her marrying Boaz and securing the lineage to Jesus through the birth of son Obed. 

While the past year may have tested our patience and we may have felt like Ruth, picking up a small amount of grain at a time. We have found the right ingredients to make our homes and schedules work, while also taking the time to make a delicious biscuit.

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