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Isn’t it interesting how there are times when you want the most unexpected thing at an unexpected time? This week in New Jersey, the weather felt like it was July or August; hazy, hot, and humid. It was the type of weather when you would walk outside and you would be sweating within five minutes and are not in the mood to do ANYTHING. However, I found myself craving chili…I know, go figure (insert shrug emoji here). For me, when I think of chili, I think of football season, fall and winter, warm yourself up kind of food. Where was this coming from on these brutally hot days? At first, I tried to ignore the craving thinking it would go away. But no…nothing I ate felt satisfying. Finally, I gave in. I took out the slow cooker and made a pot of my three-bean chili (recipe can be found in my book…cough, cough). When I finally took a bite while sitting in my air-conditioned kitchen, I felt satisfied. As I sat and ate my chili I thought about how God works the same way. He nudges us, makes us crave Him, and we aren’t satisfied until we accept and step into this craving. 

Over the years, my faith and worship have ebbed and flowed, but there are times when the pull to sit in His word, be still, or turn off the noise and turn on worship music has been too strong to resist. These are the times when I crave to feel God’s presence and nothing else, not even social media or a good fiction book will satisfy the craving. I believe it is God telling me “Hey girl, look up instead of looking around.” 

In his letter to persecuted Christians, Peter reminds us:

Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good. ~ 1 Peter 2:2-3

We are designed for our souls to crave the words of our God. It nourishes our souls and gives us heavenly hope and promises a shared, eternal inheritance. Just like our bodies, our spiritual cravings change as we grow and mature. When I think back to being newly saved, I would crave to have someone explain the scriptures to me. Whether it was from the pulpit, through worship, or in a small group, I relied on someone with more knowledge than me to feed my craving. However, as I grow through sanctification, I am learning how to question deeper, have richer dialogue, and I crave to search and understand His word. 

What are you craving this week? How can you turn to God’s word to feed the craving? 

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